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American Kill Bees is Perry's Leader in Muay Thai... Find Out Why!

Muay Thai is a popular martial art developed in Thailand in the last century. Known as the "art of eight limbs," Muay Thai uses a combination of punches, kicks, plus elbow and knee strikes, and is an intense cardio workout and a great way to develop your overall strength. Our Muay Thai classes at American Killer Bees can burn as many as 1000 calories per session!

Plus you'll learn effective, reality-based self-defense skills and have tons of fun. From Warner Robins to Kathleen, you'll find no better instruction. 

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Why Is Muay Thai Right For You?

Although Muay Thai can look intense and intimidating from the outside, our classes are engineered to cater to people of all ages and ability. We'll start you out with the fundaments and build upwards to more complex techniques, and you'll get personalized coaching from our world-class instructors at American Killer Bees throughout your journey.

Co-owner Israel Gomes is one of the founders of Muay Thai Dream Team, and now he has assisted in creating a program that we use to help you create cardiovascular health, total-body fitness, and learn self-defense right here in Perry. 

Check out our Muay Thai classes and take on:
  • Powerful punches, elbow, and knee strikes
  • Lightning-fast combinations that will get your heart racing
  • Total-body fitness, coordination, and control
  • Practical self-defense skills for any situation

Muay Thai Is A Practical Martial Art With Real Benefits

Aside from offering a total-body workout that will absolutely torch calories and help you get into incredible shape, our Muay Thai classes will help you cultivate inner strength, confidence, self-esteem, and discipline. These are transferable skills that will help you feel better in everyday life, reduce your stress and anxiety levels, and help you perform better in school or at work. 

Join us in Perry for Muay Thai classes that will give you the opportunity to:
  • Slim down, build muscle, and gain confidence
  • Improve your self-discipline & accomplish your goals
  • Feel better in your own skin
  • Reduce your stress & anxiety levels

Join Us In Perry For The Best Muay Thai Classes Around!

We're Perry's original solution to fitness, self-defense, and more! Come tour our facility at American Killer Bees, meet our instructors, and talk to us about your goals. We'd love to help you reach them.

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