American Killer Bees Fitness Of Perry

I'd be signing up right now if did live 4 hours away! Definitely recommend to anyone: beginners to advanced!!

Rebecca Showalter

Best workouts ever! Joel is an awesome coach and has created an environment where I look forward to working out.

John M Key

My 13-year old son has been going here since December 2018. We just needed something for him to get fit, gain confidence, and LOVE doing. Coach Joel has been nothing but great with him and everybody that my son works out with is very supportive and accepting of him being there. Not a day goes by that he comes home from school and doesn't want to go. We've already noticed a change in his attitude, his confidence, his motivation, and he's proud to see the results as well. He WILL keep going for sure. Don't let the small facility and punching bags dissuade you from going in and trying this out. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jeremy Irish Smith

A great environment and great people around to not only work out with, but to have fun doing it!

Cody Shore

Great times at Perry AKB - we get a great workout from a great instructor and have fun doing it! I’m dripping with sweat within the first 10 minutes AND learning proper kickboxing technique! Highly recommended!

Ken Mullis

A good good environment to make you a lean, mean ,fighting machine. Love it

Christopher Shore

I never thought I’d find another kickboxing gym that compared to the one I went to back home. AKB proved me wrong! I absolutely love getting my butt kicked here. Joel is very nice and makes working out fun. I am finally looking forward to exercising again! They offer a free trial class! Try it out! You won’t be sorry!

Kayla Elizabeth

A fitness community that will change everything in your life. It’s butt kicking, sweat dripping, muscle building, fat burning, grunt inducing workouts. Mixed with a caring, supportive community of amazing people that push each other to be the best we can be. Joel is the man. Period.

Lorna Dacalio

Love, Love, Love the workouts. No 2 classes are the same and it always challenges your body and pushes you mentally and physically!! Thanks Joel

Cindy Wallace Key

Joel is awesome! Great trainer! Explains everything and helps when needed. Definitely a great workout!

Keri James Gibby

First time trying kick boxing and it was so fun! Burned so many calories and got a great workout! Joel was a great teacher really broke down the moves for me would definitely go again

Taylor Avera

If you're in the Mid Ga area come and try a class today! We have a great team so far and an awesome coach Joel. Join the fam!

Abigail Balaguer

It’s a good place to train it’s awesome

Fabian Thorpe

Loving it! Joel is awesome!

Katilyn Price

Really enjoyed my workout today! I will be back.

Allyson Allyson

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